Lee Spencer Physical Therapy

Whether you’re looking to recover from surgery, prevent injury or improve function, I’m here to help.

Located at New England Fitness and remotely through telehealth technology (see below)

Physical Therapy Services

Manual Therapy

I have extensive training and experience in manual techniques, including soft tissue mobilization, joint mobilizations and joint manipulations.


Strengthening and stretching exercises are a part of every program that I provide to my patient. Not only do they improve return to function, they also facilitate independence. 


I am a certified kinesiotaping practitioner and like to use kinesiotape for various reasons, including restoring normal muscle function, improving pain and facilitating normal circulation. 

Gait Analysis 

Whether you’re recovering from a lower extremity surgery or injury, restoring a normal gait pattern is a priority. I have extensive experience in gait analysis for surgical and non-surgical patients as well as runners.


Weather bad or just can’t make it into my office? I also provide the option of using telehealth technology to evaluate and treat. All you need is a computer or phone with camera and microphone. It’s also a cheaper option. Click here to schedule a telePT appointment.

Why You Should Choose Physical Therapy

Research has shown that physical therapy is

  • Effective at reducing pain
  • Reduces the need for surgery
  • Improves overall function


At this point, I am not accepting insurance at New England Fitness or through telePT. If you would like to use insurance, come see me at Greater Brunswick Physical Therapy. 

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I accept cash, check and credit card. You can see my fee schedule in the link below. 

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Are you a runner looking for some good info about running? Check out my website designed for runners.

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